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2017 Fall Jewelry Trends

Posted by David Nytch on

We're highlighting the best of 2017 Fall Jewelry Trends

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Charm Jewelry


Don’t worry, all that charm jewelry you have isn’t going out of style. You’ll find fun charms, bold charms, and traditional charms. If we don’t have what you are looking for, there are books and books of jewelry and we will order it in for you at no extra cost!


Horizontal Bar Necklaces


This minimalist trend has caught hold and we now have a few options in store. Add a few diamonds or gems to the bar and you’ve got a timeless look.


Mismatched Earrings


Now, while we don’t have any specific mismatched pairs of earrings in the store, we do have a fantastic selection of earrings to choose from. Here are two pairs that would lend itself well to mismatched earrings.


Bold Animal Jewelry


We have many examples of this 2017 Jewelry Trend, bold animal jewelry.


Layered Necklaces


Gah, what is easier than jewelry that is already done for you!


Modern Pearls


What do you think of when we say pearls? That strand that’s been in the jewelry box for 20 years and you only wear once a year, if that? Right?! Well, this year’s trend is modernized pearls. There are a number of designers who are using pearls in new ways and Imperial Pearls are absolutely one of them.


Personalized Lockets


We have many lockets available both in-store and available to order. We can engrave them in store as well. Lockets are a great way to hold dear what matters most.


Colorful Cocktail Rings


This is my favorite fall trend as I’ve always loved a good cocktail ring. In today’s mixing of casual and dressy, there is no wrong time to wear a cocktail ring. Unless you’re gardening or participating in the Mud Run here in Auburn, THEN you should not wear your fabulous cocktail ring….or any of your fine jewelry for that matter.


Signet Rings


Signet rings are so cool because you can customize them all you want. The letters, the design, the font. We have some examples of these in mixed metals in the store or we can design one in just gold, white gold or silver.



Strong Cuff Bracelets


If you want to rock your outfit, add a bold cuff bracelet. We have some great options in store that come in silver or can be ordered in gold. And then there are the Belle E’Toile pieces. Talk about a strong bracelet!!!


Colored Diamonds


Last time we posted about the yellow diamond rings that we have available, our social media friends went bananas. They loved them! And what’s not to love? Precious stones, beautiful colors, it’s got it all. We also have some chocolate and black diamonds in the store, too.


What's your favorite fall trend? Let us know in the comments!





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