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8 Reasons Why Your Local Jeweler is Better than Online

Posted by David Nytch on

"We will cry with you at your wedding. We will weep for joy at a baby's birth. We will hug you and help you through a divorce. Why? Because we KNOW YOU. We know what you like and care if you are happy. We know your dog's name and your daughter's due date. You talk, we listen. We know your secrets and keep them. We are YOUR Jeweler." - Eugenia Reames Hale

"One-on-one customer service, education, repairs, appraisals, metal purchasing and more. Most of my clients are seeking advice about their Jewelry and you get none of that on the internet." - Susan Dryden

"We must be good. You know where to find us." - Chris Deschene Goyette

"An independent jeweler operates on passion rather than money. They take the time and effort to run a business that they love. Someone who builds their life around the business will also put their whole heart into their work for you." - Jason Simmons

"The money stays and is reused in your local economy and doesn't get shipped off to a corporate account. You are investing in the health of your community. I buy local housing, local cars, patronize local restaurants and shops, pay my kids school tuition etc. I take the money I earn and spend it in the local community." - Gil Tal

"Think of what we both sell and how we get the beautiful jewelry. It's mostly commodities or market controlled. They have no advantage over us when buying gold, platinum, diamonds etc. Plus it was hand-picked, inspected, gently displayed, and sold to a friend, not just a customer." - Tom Kolb

"First off, we create and sell beautiful jewelry, not financing. Second, we develop relationships with each and every person whom we meet. How much better does it get than to have a shopping experience where you always get exactly what YOU want and not simply here's what is on the screen of thousands of diamonds or being pushed into buying what they want to get rid of in the case. Each and every diamond is selected by us for what we feel is in your best interest. Good luck finding that diamond scrolling through the screen." - Julie Gatz

"How about letting people know that there is no customer support after the sale online." - Suzie Acree Rogers

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