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Engagement Ring Trends Going Into the New Year

Posted by David Nytch on

Seven amazingly beautiful engagement ring trends that will stay around throughout the next year.

1. Surprise Details - Things like peek-a-boo diamonds on the sides of your ring or delicate filigree are great surprise elements that really set a ring apart.

2. Distinctive Diamond Halos - A halo of diamonds around your center stone make that stone look much bigger and adds a lot more shimmer.

3. The New Three-Stone Styles - Past, present, future. Not only for anniversary rings, these 3 stone styles are great for engagement rings too.

4. Rose-on-Rose Rings - That delicate pink of your stone, whether it's a rare pink diamond or more affordable morganite, lends itself great to a rose gold setting.

5. Geometric Designs-Geometric designs are all the rage right now and are very trendy but also a beautiful way to show your personal style.

6. Colorful Jewel-Toned Rings - Also known as an "alternative engagement ring" these rings feature a sapphire or emerald, or other precious stone, as the focal point and then use diamonds to accent it.

7. Scalloped Pavé Accents - Again, attention to detail like these Pave accents is a great way to stand out from the crowd.


8. The Solitaire - Always a classic, never going out of style. This engagement ring is a great option for anyone and can be customized to the shape of the stone and color of the gold.

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